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Why Digital Marketing Agencies are Booming after Covid?

  • 1 month ago |
  • by webicorp

2021 has been unusual. And in these unprecedented times, businesses are having a hard time coping up and continuing. However, as things are slowly recovering and returning back to normal, businesses are soon beginning to operate at a larger scale.  Promotions have been laid back due to the challenges the pandemic threw at us, but […]

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The Journey Towards Web Design 3.0 – All Explained

  • 3 months ago |
  • by webicorp

With the evolution of the dynamics of technology, digital trends are also changing. If you look closely, you would find an immense change between the website designs used today and the ones back in 2000. However, this change has never been drastic and if you introspect you can track the progress of web design that […]

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7 Tips for Creating An Engaging and Useful Chatbot

  • 6 months ago |
  • by webicorp

Despite technology changing the way of interaction, the need for supportive bonds and conversation to address queries and share thoughts quickly still persists. Chatbots to the rescue…! Several companies today are investing in this conversation-based platform to provide the users with accurate information. Albeit the same can be offered by a person would also be […]