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What We Serve

Web Design

At Webicorp, designing a website begins with a meticulous planning session. An understanding of the products or services that are to be showcased is essential in the planning process. The design phase involves selecting and placing those elements in the most attractive way. Once this stage is complete we develop the site in a user-friendly manner and finally present it in a way that is amenable to digital marketing.

Web Development

Our team of Web Developers turns inert design pages into clickable reality. This is the phase where the magic happens and the website comes to life. Different clients have different requirements and we are flexible enough to put the client’s needs first. We are absolutely fluid with regard to functionality, ease of use criteria or compatibility on varied devices and can provide these as required.

Digital Marketing

We provide 360 degrees digital marketing for our clients. A marketing plan is devised for the brand to create popularity and to generate convertible leads. Online marketing tools from Social Media Marketing to Pay per Click adverts to a thorough presentation of Analytics are all part of our repertoire. How much of each segment goes into your digital marketing plan is decided b our digital marketing consultants.

Creative Services

Online branding of any business has to be tailored to appeal to the target audience. At Webicorp each element of your web presence is taken seriously and curated with care. We offer a bouquet of creative services that can transform your brand into a superlative experience for your clientele.

Explainer Video

Taking your business to potential investors? Want to tie-up with another existing business? Walking into a seminar or conference with hundreds of potential customers? Quit considering old-school methods of explaining your entire business and its plan via Power point presentations, bar graphs and pie-charts.