3 Effective Web Development Hacks For Your Business In 2022

3 Effective Web Development Hacks For Your Business In 2022

3 Effective Web Development Hacks For Your Business In 2022

  • 20 December, 2021
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We cannot stress the importance of having a website any further. We all now know how valuable a website is for a brand. With such an increased online activity having an online presence is crucial to reaching out to your target audience. Today people tend to believe or accept brands with a prompt or strategic online presence.

A website adds to a brand’s credibility, which is extremely important to drive your growth amidst this fierce competition. Due to the importance of having a website being extremely high, we recommend you to choose the best web development company in Kolkata for the best website designs that can provide your user with a semantic experience.

As we proceed towards 2022, the leading website designers and digital marketers are developing lucrative strategies and techniques to help your business grow despite the hysterical competition. Below are some effective web development hacks that you can use for your business.

3 hacks that can prove beneficial for your business

  • Number 1 – Using the AIDA method

The AIDA method is an applied and proven strategy that many businesses use today. If you are not familiar with the AIDA method, let us explain it. AIDA stands for Attention, Interest, Desire and Action. AIDA is an excellent technique for almost every marketplace, regardless of the nature of business. It attracts the reader’s/user’s attention, stimulates interest, creates a desire and convinces to make an action by purchasing the product or service. We have used AIDA for quite some time, and we expect it to be one of the best revenue-driving techniques in 2022.

  • Number 2 – Publishing new content

Content is the king of marketing. The content you use in your marketing plan is one of the most robust frameworks that can help you engage your audience. Consistency with new content is crucial to providing your audience with something new and exciting every day. We often talk about the decreasing patience level in users; however, we forget to mention that users are also becoming too fast on losing interest in something along with patience. Not being consistent or not and publishing new content frequently, your audience will soon get bored with you. Therefore make use of new content to drive good traffic.

Be cautious about the quality of the website content and web blogs. Having a blog section is like providing oxygen to your website. But while publishing web blogs, make sure they are informative, relatable, plagiarism-free, error-free, valuable and enriched.

Keywords? A must!

Furthermore, discussing current topics and providing non-controversial and correct information. Always avoid controversies, and if by chance your issue deals with one, it is advisable to stay away from sharing your personal opinion and just stating the facts.

  • Number 3 – Choosing video marketing

People are more likely to remember visuals more than words. Meaning, videos are equally important as content is. Today, video marketing has become an integral part of online advertising. Research shows that videos will be accounted for about 82% of internet traffic by the end of 2021.

With such an increased engagement rate and heavy traffic, you can drive enough revenue for your brand. Live streaming has gained much popularity for some years now. People are more likely to prefer unedited and unfiltered videos than edited ones. Live streaming create an atmosphere of trust and credibility that adds to the authenticity and value of your business. You can use creative videos and live streaming to appeal to your audience.

Besides, live streaming also helps with increasing interaction with the audience and allows the users to leave comments and feedback that can be of value for your marketing strategy. Marketers state that live videos will reach 13 % of the total video continents by the end of 2021.

Furthermore, live streaming needs no significant investment and will not impact your capital. All you need is a camera and microphone or even a simple mobile phone to stream and connect to your audience You  can just trust specific software for other videos to generate professional-looking content.

In addition to the above, you can get in touch with the leading web design agency in Kolkata to implement other hax such as optimising email features, on-page and off-page SEO, effective content marketing and many more.

When choosing the best website development company, consider essential factors like experience, expertise and expenses. With advancements in technology, your website developers must use the correct technology and techniques to create websites that will attract more traffic and offer the users a semantic experience. Also, to curate effective strategies, make sure that you brief your website developer about your brand so that your website’s theme, colour, and design can resonate with the industry’s standards.