Dedicated Team Member - Webicorp

Our Mitochondria

We are nothing without our team. They make us.

It’s not what we do, it’s all about what you want. For us, our clients always will have the last say. We do understand the need for quality and professional website and alongside we do keep in mind the requirements and desires of our clients. We vouch to deliver quality first and then consider quantity for which our team is open to changes until the desired outcome is achieved. Every bit of the work is communicated to our clients and is progressed only on their approval, cause the client’s decision matters.

The Founders


SKD looks upon Webicorp as his brainchild. He swears by quality and consistency. His knowledge has been the stepping stone for the success of Webicorp. He acknowledged a brand’s need for a quality website which initiated the idea of Webicorp the way it is today.

Co Founder

As a co-founder, SDG has just the required leadership and management skills. Her vast knowledge not only helped the clients but also Webicorp to blossom amongst the steep competition. Her ideas and concepts stand unique and have evoked the rapid growth of Webicorp.

The Coding Gurus

Web Development

Web developer at Webicorp, AM specialises in creating user-friendly, elaborate, self-explanatory, innovative, balanced and unique websites for a better user experience. His knowledge and eye for detail helped in developing the desired websites of the clients at Webicorp.

Web Development

SG is one of the core members of the web development team at Webicorp. His passion for learning more and putting that to use, help in ensuring quality websites for the clients. His understanding skills are one of a kind and have helped Webicorp in many different ways.

Web Development

User-friendly website development being his strength, SS has helped the team and Webicorp surpass the hardships and stand a strong competitor in the market. He believes that simplicity is unique in itself and can attract even the ‘hard-to-attract’ customers quite easily.

Web Designing

Simple, yet unique, is the mantra for SM, web designer at Webicorp. His designs every time have exceeded the benchmark he set for himself. He loves challenging his skills to ensure continuous improvement that would help the clients at Webicorp drive their business.

The Digital Tycoons

Digital Marketing

AKH, the senior digital marketing manager at Webicorp, is an expert of all trades. He believes in consistency and accuracy. AKH has no scope for errors and delays. His eye-for-perfection, his vast knowledge and his team management qualities have fuelled the growth of Webicorp.

Digital Marketing

One of the core members of the digital marketing team, SM believes in interacting and communicating. She swears by simple yet unique strategies that will keep the customers engaged and connected to the brand to enhance the essence and reputation for the concerning brand.

Digital Marketing

With knowledge and expertise, SSM has been acing the field of digital marketing. He believes in research and market study before coming up with any strategy. He is good with analysing the current value of the brand which further guides the marketing process.

The Creative Souls

Graphic Creation

The ability and knack for learning new things every day makes SP’s work unique, creative and engaging. Her humble and down-to-earth attitude with eye-for-perfection and enhancement makes her a valuable member of Webicorp’s graphic creation team.

Graphic Creation

Creativity is her hobby and she loves to play with layers of pictures to enhance and modify the same. AB is one of the core members of the graphic creation team and is known for her out-of-the-box concepts and creative mind. She finds a knack for experimenting to make her work unique.

Graphics Creation

Not just graphic, TS is a creative personality in herself. She believes in upgrading herself and adding her style to every graphic to enhance its uniqueness of it. She is calm and composed, which supports her creation and it reflects her creative and peaceful mind.

Video Creation

Her unique skills in video creation have not only amazed Webicorp but our clients as well. SDG is the head of our Video Creation team and holds several skills that drive Webicorp towards growth and success. She believes uniqueness and innovation is what makes all the difference.

The Content Writing

Content Creation

“Pen is mightier than the sword”, and for AP it is her keyboard. A significant member of the content creation team, for AP, words are her power and she believes that words can make or break a business. Simple and professional words are her tool to reach out to mass readers from all strata.

Content Creation

KDS loves to write and learn on the go. She believes that the written word should be crisp and to the point so that there is no gap in communication. SEO content writing is her strong point and she loves to make businesses succeed on the SERPs so that they can achieve their business goals.

Content Creation

AP is the talented “baby bird” of the team. She loves to curate fun content that is unique and fresh for the masses. Her strong point is an unsullied perspective that sees things from a different point of view. She’s able to manage her role as a content creator well and is curious about everything she sees around her.