4 ECommerce Web Design Tips To Boost Your Sales

4 ECommerce Web Design Tips To Boost Your Sales

4 ECommerce Web Design Tips To Boost Your Sales

  • 10 February, 2022
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With the advancement of technology, starting your own online business can be convenient and pocket friendly. Continuous evaluation and study declare that the retail eCommerce market is growing at a rapid rate and currently accounts for more than $4 trillion in global sales.

The amount spent online is enough to explain a lot of it. If you are new to this industry, the numbers may be overwhelming. However, as a new business owner, you must be desiring to achieve such numbers. You can also be a significant contributor.

To do so, it is vital to building a robust online presence, starting with a website. Now as easy it may sound, building a website is not a cakewalk. But, it doesn’t have to be the most difficult task at all. You can get in touch with the best web design company in Kolkata to get your business online with smart web designs.

If you are a novice, this blog can serve as the perfect guide for you to begin your online journey. Mentioned below are some eCommerce web design tips to boost your sales.

Let’s learn what they are…

Choose simplicity

They say, “simplicity is the best policy”.

The same motto is applicable when designing a website. It is not mandatory to make a complicated website with complex designs and too much content. Rather, stuffing your website with extra content and complicating your navigation can drive your customers away, impacting your sales.

When it comes to retail eCommerce websites, it is better to keep your website simple and user-friendly. Share only relevant and necessary information. Also, keep navigation simple and easy to help the users access your website without any hassle. As the attention span of the customers is reducing, a complex website may irritate your user, driving him/her away.

Make your website attractive with the right colour, image and font

Large and high-quality pictures can be a great way to attract customers. A smart web design with vibrant colours, simple and readable font style and size and the right image can be the best way to engage your customers and drive traffic to your website.

Quality images are known to increase conversions approximately by 40%. Nevertheless, it has been observed that high-quality images can at times reduce the speed of your website. This can have a negative impact on your customers. Therefore, when choosing images, remember to optimize them so that it does not affect the loading speed of your site.

When choosing the colour of your website, consider the theme of your company. For example, if your business deals with organic products, you can choose shades of green to convey your concern for the environment. Moreover, if you sell antique or vintage things, you can make use of relevant fonts and colours to highlight your theme.

Keep your site optimized and mobile responsive

It is often observed that customers tend to access websites through their phones. Many do not even own laptops or desktops and access the web through their phones only.

Therefore, it is crucial for your brand to have a website that can be easily accessed through mobile phones. A website that doesn’t support mobile phones often tends to lose business.

Furthermore, it is important to optimize your website to boost the speed and make your website fast.

Choose simple checkout and payments

Want to boost your sales?

Keep your checkouts simple!

Avoid complex processes and having fields for unnecessary details. Besides, be clear about the shipping, packing and other charges from the very beginning to prevent confusing your customers.

Furthermore, give your customers the opportunity to access your site as a guest. While checking out, you can ask them to share some necessary details. Do not make it compulsory for the user to create an account, as many may not be comfortable in doing so.


Now that you have learnt some effective tips to boost your eCommerce sales with the best web designs, you can go ahead and hire the best web development company in Kolkata to get your retail store online. While doing so, remember to enquire about their experience and expertise. Also, make sure you learn about the charges before committing to them.

In addition to the above tips, one significant way you can boost your sales is by adding reviews and feedback to your products. You can request your existing customers to share their experience with your products to benefit your new buyers. It is one effective way to earn the credibility and trust of the customers, therefore, increasing your sales.

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