5 Crucial Elements of E-commerce Web Design in India

5 Crucial Elements of E-commerce Web Design in India

5 Crucial Elements of E-commerce Web Design in India

  • 26 September, 2022
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As of 2022, the market share of e-commerce sales is to the tune of $4.5 trillion. Online sales are booming and how! There is going to come a time when the entire planet transacts online. This future is not hard to imagine.

Furthermore, if you are looking for e-commerce web design in India you can reach out to us at Webicorp and we will help you to create some of the best e-commerce website designs that will wow the audience and make selling a secure and safe experience.

On that note, take a look at some of the elements of e-commerce web design that can help set apart your business from the rest.

Some Elements of E-commerce Web Design in India

Check out the vital elements of e-commerce web design.

  • Responsive Design

Any e-commerce website needs to be responsive. This means it should be functional on tablets, mobile phones, desktops, and wearables as well. Responsive design is so essential for e-commerce websites, as this makes the website very user-friendly. Moreover, you can target multiple users across devices.

  • User-friendly navigation

User-friendly navigation is very important as the shopper can get “lost” while browsing. Oftentimes, a user starts at one point, and then ends up searching for something else. That’s why they should be guided properly from page to page. Navigation should be easy to follow. Hence include breadcrumbs at the top of the page, so users can find their way home.

  • Images and Descriptions

This is a given for all e-commerce websites. You need to have very good images and descriptions so that people understand fully what it is they are buying. Images should be of very high quality, especially so that users can zoom in and check details. Moreover, descriptions should not contain fluff but are crisply and accurately written.

  • Security

This is an important aspect of e-commerce web design. Since credit or debit card information is being shared you need to secure the information going to and from the browser with an SSL certification. Also, have a transparent privacy policy that says how the information is used on your site.

  • Quick checkout process

The checkout process in any e-commerce site should not be more than a 2 step process. This way it is easy for the buyer not to key in more information than they need to. Hence, you can optimise this aspect.

Wrapping Up

If you are looking for good quality e-commerce web design in India, you can reach out to us at Webicorp. We specialise in building e-commerce websites and help you to take your business to the next level. E-commerce stores are becoming an essential part of the sales avenues, hence they need to be optimised carefully.