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5 Things Every SEO Agency in India Does

5 Things Every SEO Agency in India Does

  • 12 April, 2022
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You may have heard of SEO agencies and someone has probably recommended one to you for your business, but what does an SEO agency in India do? In this short blog, find out what every SEO agency in India does for their clients.

5 Things Every SEO Agency in India Does

Audit Your Site

The first thing any SEO agency will do is perform an audit of your site. They will look at page speed, broken links, site structure, etc., see how your site is performing in line with your objectives and then prepare a report for you. The report typically includes the ways in which they can improve your website, along with what the SEO company proposes to do for you. Once you receive this, you can take a call about hiring the agency.

Perform Keyword Research

Once hired, it’s time to perform keyword research. Keyword research is an integral part of SEO as the whole strategy of your business depends on which keywords you are targeting. So have an idea of the user intent, and what users are typing when they are searching for products and services similar to yours. The SEO company should provide you with a detailed, researched account of the same.

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Optimise Site Structure

Usually, if your website was built by a freelancer or someone who doesn’t have the experience, they may not have created the best possible site. Your site should be intuitive, and with just a few possible clicks the user should reach the right action they wish to achieve. Hence, the SEO company or agency should look into your site structure and make sure the crawler has crawled every part of the site.

Create Backlinks

Google still works on the principle that several backlinks to a site mean the site is pretty popular. As long as this thought process exists, your site will need many backlinks. The SEO site will analyse your backlinks and see what they can do to improve on them. A web page with many backlinks automatically links much higher.

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Produce Reports

Lastly, the SEO agency in India is responsible for producing monthly reports. These reports are necessary to inform you of the progress that the agency has made on your website. If the SEO agency does not provide the reports, ask them. However, the report must not be all statistics, there should be sufficient information and diagrams to explain what they have done.


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