5 Ways To Create Your Business Marketing Plan After Covid

5 Ways To Create Your Business Marketing Plan After Covid

5 Ways To Create Your Business Marketing Plan After Covid

  • 9 August, 2021
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The job of a marketer is pretty difficult. Decoding customers’ expectations, needs, desires, purchase behaviour and overall characteristics of customers is really an intimidating task that marketers have to handle with a cool brain. Besides, the unexpected changes in response induced by several factors make strategizing further hard.

In view of the Covid-19 pandemic, the lockdown had a rippling effect on business and the socio-economic landscape of the country. This financial crunch made the situation further challenging for marketers. With movement regulations being revised every 15 days, businesses are at a halt.

That being said, as the ray of hope accumulates more power, you can too relaunch your business with curated strategies. While you take care of expanding your business, leave the marketing job on the professionals.

Given below are some of the most effective ways that can help you boost your business amidst this Covid-19 scenario.

Audit your current strategies

If nothing is working out for you, it’s time that you rethink. Maybe your current marketing strategy lacks the attracting factor. With a vigorous shift from offline to the online marketplace, most of the customers are all online. This transformation has left many brands without proper business due to their non-existent online presence. In simple terms, if your brand is not online, you are more likely to lose business. As per statistics, recorded before the pandemic, around 54% of consumers accounted for reporting a better experience when shopping online. This percentage rose to 76% during the lockdown months. Among these, around 57 % of consumers choose to still shop online even after the pandemic is over.

This explains the need for auditing your current strategies and going online. The conventional way of marketing feels to provide effectiveness currently. But, if your business has built an online presence already, it is better that you modify or change your ongoing campaigns for better results. You can get in touch with the best SEO company in Kolkata to understand the digital trends, the current market scenario and buyers persona, depending on which your strategy can be revamped.

Reconnect socially

Social media handles are the best platform to promote your business in a world full of socially active customers. The pandemic increased the number of active users and active hours. This creates an ocean of opportunities for marketers as they now can get more audience and an extended engagement time. Social media can also be used for paid promotions by funnelling audiences based on age, demographic information, interest, hobby, occupation and more.

Some tips:

  • Be consistent. People are always looking for something new and if you fail to keep them hooked, they are soon going to forget you.
  • Be creative. Being unique, original and relevant can win many hearts (And trust). If they find you interesting, they will keep coming back to you for more, thus increasing engagement.
  • Be real. People have moved past the era of talking to robots (of course they are a faster medium to respond to customers’ queries). But if you are striving to mark a presence on social media, it is best to keep it real, unfiltered and unedited. Try live streaming, it helps in gaining trust and credibility.
  • Keep it safe. Talking about controversial topics can have dual effects. While it may interest some, it can repel many. Therefore, it is safer to refrain from controversial topics and from sharing personal views on such evoking matters.

When promoting on social media, the best way to reach your goal is to keep it simple, creative, informative and engaging.

Work on smart website designs

Websites serve as the face of your brand. To penetrate the market, consider having a well-responsive, mobile-friendly website that can guide your customers to your best products and services. In case you are hoping to boost your eCommerce business, you can seek help from the leading eCommerce website design company in Kolkata. When developing a website, do remember to install useful plugins, have a well maintained and easily accessible admin dashboard, premium features for members, robust security, safe payment gateways and a lot more.

Amplify your customer support quality

Customers are always looking for a reliable brand to assist in times of need. A brand that fails to have a responsive customer support team suits unfit for the current industry standards. This is why it is best that you amplify your customer support quality to win your customers trust, and prevent them from going to your competitors.

Keep your calm

Regardless of the strategies you put to use, everything in this world requires time. Do not get impatient and take any immature steps. Nothing comes at once and nor will the result of your marketing strategy. So keep calm and wait. Keep measuring your performance, modifying your strategies if necessary and targeting the right audience to unleash the magic of your digital marketing solutions.

For curated digital plans, get in touch with leading brands like Webicorp. Unlock your success the right way!