App Store Optimization Guide To Increase App Downloads

App Store Optimization Guide To Increase App Downloads

App Store Optimization Guide To Increase App Downloads

  • 4 May, 2021
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What will you do after you have built an app?

Use it yourself?

Of course not, you definitely want people to use it so that you can generate revenue. Here comes the need for ASO. ASO or App Store Optimization helps you in getting downloads and boosting your app success conveniently. In case you need an ASO update or plan to launch a new app, App Store SEO can help you make it easy.

Although you or your developer might feel that your app is the perfect one for the public. But, if you introspect, there are hundreds or rather thousands of apps there like yours. Moreover, there are around 6.5 million apps already present across the major app stores.

So how do your customers discover your app among all others?

This is why ASO is paramount and can bring you success. You can get in touch with the leading App Store Optimization agency Kolkata to get your app optimized and make it easily visible to your audience.

Given below is an app store optimization guide that can help you increase app downloads.

Remember to read till the end to find a bonus tip.

Number 1 – Use an eye-catchy icon

Typically. Smartphones do not highlight the name of the apps, but the icon. And if you have applied a small font to your phone, finding a specific app among others can get difficult. As per Think with Google, on average a smartphone has 36 apps, out of which only 26% is used daily.

So, how does your audience recognize you? With the help of the icons. Besides, customers are always on the hunt for something unique and new and get highly motivated by trendy, relatable and eye-catchy images or icons. Icons are the first factor that will catch customer attention and offer exposure to your product.

With so many benefits of having an eye-catchy icon for your app, what better way to attract your customers?

Number 2 – Attract with your title tag

The title tag is also essential while promoting your app. To ensure a successful SEO ranking, make sure your title tag is unique, relevant and powerful. Ensure that your title tag is enticing enough to attract clients.

The best App Store Optimization Company in Kolkata suggests making sure your app branding is done right. This may include a suitable app name, a short description including keywords and within the character limit. For instance, Apple Play Store allows a description of 30 characters, while the Google Play Store descriptions should be within 50 characters.

Number 3 – Use a robust App description

Having a unique, robust and to-the-point, app description can make a difference. Make sure that your description tells your user what exactly they need to know. The ASO Optimization Company in Kolkata recommends using informative, suitable and crisp description to boost your app successfully.

Number 4 – Make the most of actionable graphics

Have you seen simple screenshots of the app when searching for an app on the app store?

Well, that is a great way to attract your customers, but what makes you different and lets you stand apart if you do the same thing?

In order to be different, we recommend you to take a step further and invest in actionable graphics that would make your app different and unique from your competitors. Make the most of your actionable graphics to ensure that you reach maximum clients and the maximum number of downloads.

To make the most out of your actionable graphics and increase your user base, you can use screenshots of your apps in action, use arrows and text along with other exciting and actionable images that will highlight your features.

Number 5 – Keyword Optimization is your angel

Just like Search Engine Optimization, keyword optimization for your app is also essential. One must note that keyword optimization for apps is comparatively higher, as you have a limited place to use your keywords.

For say, a user will only see approximately the first 600 characters of the description on their mobile devices. Also, keep in mind that the first 167 characters are highly important to create a strong impression.

Bonus Tip

As we promised, here goes our bonus tip.

It is of significant importance to track your app analytics, as you would normally do for your website. You can implement Google Analytics for your app to track its performance.

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