Here Are 7 Dont’s on Instagram in 2021

Here Are 7 Dont’s on Instagram in 2021

Here Are 7 Dont’s on Instagram in 2021

  • 23 August, 2021
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Instagram is a widely accepted social media platform that has now become an earning podium for many. Apart from the online influencers, Ivan businesses are trying their luck on Instagram and promoting their brands to reach potential viewers and customers. It is a critical marketing strategy for small businesses and an effective way to target audiences and attract customers conveniently.

Follower count is an essential factor that comes into play when promoting via Instagram. And even the slightest mistake can cause people to unfollow you. As per statistics, visual content gets 40 times more exposure than any other type of content. Therefore, it is important that you avoid the following Instagram mistakes to stop people from unfollowing you. You can get in touch with the best digital marketing agency in Kolkata to promote your brand effectively on Instagram and other social media platforms. Given below is a list of mistakes that you should avoid –

You don’t have a goal

Not having a goal indicates not having a plan. And without a plan, you are having no direction, no consistency and no effective strategy that code engages your followers. When promoting via Instagram, it is important to understand that followers tend to trust only if you are consistent.

Without having a clear goal you will fail to know what your followers feel about you and why your profile is driving the audience away. Therefore, before you get started with your Instagram marketing strategy outline your objective as clearly as possible and understand your goal behind the promotions, whether you want to increase brand exposure, drive more audience to your website or boost your sales.

Your profile doesn’t have a link in your bio

Instagram allows you to add one link to your website in your bio. If you miss including your link here you will be missing out on a lot of website traffic. If you do not include your link it can also give away that you are least bothered about building your audience.

Avoid adding any link that is irrelevant and use links that can draw attention and encourage people to click on it and visit your site. You can also drive your customers to view your bio and click on your site by adding CTA phrases or options when you post.

You’re posting duplicate content

The world is round and what you do wrong will come back to you. This applies even when you are duplicating content. You are about to lose your followers if you post the same image or video over and over again. Your audience is always hunting for something new and if you blatantly continue reposting your content you will have to bid goodbye to your followers. You can repurpose your content if you need to but avoid reposting.

As per research, around 27.5% of audiences desire entertaining and new content from the brands they follow. If you continuously keep on posting duplicate content they’re soon going to get bored and click that unfollow button. Therefore, work with a social media expert to manage your Instagram account accurately and publish original and entertaining posts every time.

Your content is not engaging enough

If you fail to engage your customers they are soon going to abandon you. Your customers are already showing support and if you do not show interest you are soon going to lose them. So, along with posting engaging content, also try to communicate with the customers by replying to their comments or queries. Being neglectful and disinterested can drive them away. The more you communicate and engage your followers the better and stronger relationships you build.

You are concentrating more on quantity than quality

If you are focusing more on your quantity at the cost of your quality you are soon going to see your follower count dropping down. When it comes to customer preferences, they will choose quality above all. In case you are finding it hard to gauge the frequency of your post, you can follow the simple thumb rule of posting around 1.5 times per day. But, maintain the quality every time you post. Posting frequently and effectively helps your customers to remember you quite often.

You are not using the right amount of hashtags

Hashtags help in increasing engagement and help people find your content. As per the leading marketing experts, the perfect number of hashtags to be used is 11. You can opt for social media marketing services in Kolkata to seek assistance with the use of correct hashtags that will extend your reach and engage your customers.

You’re posting poor quality photos and visuals

Posting poor quality photos and visuals can drive your customers away. It can leave behind a negative impact on your customers and your brand may lose its charm and reputation. Concentrate on the quality of photos and videos you are posting to make your strategies effective.

Final thoughts…

Instagram is not a challenging platform and promotions can be easy if you master the art of promoting properly and avoid the mistakes mentioned above. The key is to focus on the quantity and the uniqueness of your posts to get the most out of them.