How Does Google Analytics Help You To Measure Your Digital Success?

How Does Google Analytics Help You To Measure Your Digital Success?

How Does Google Analytics Help You To Measure Your Digital Success?

  • 20 October, 2021
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We all are well aware that Google Analytics is a powerful tool that helps you measure your digital marketing performance conveniently. But, as vast as the horizon is, you might easily get lost if you do not have the proper knowledge or do not know what you are actually looking for.

To acknowledge what you are actually looking for it is important to ask yourself the right questions. However, despite being clear of the questions, you will have to know where to look for the answers to get your queries answered.

That being said, having a hold on Google Analytics, especially when you are into the field of digital marketing and are focusing highly on content marketing is extremely crucial. To ensure professional analysis and management of your content, you can get in touch with the best SEO company in Kolkata

When it comes to content marketing, the key to success is to understand that “more is not always better”.

Although Google finds you through content and hence the quantity matters, the quality helps you reach the top. This is why it is better to create quality content more often without burning your website with quantity.

In order to guide you through the world of Google Analytics, here are different ways you can put Google Analytics to use and measure your digital success.


Figuring out the page views is quite important when it comes to analysing your website success. However, don’t just look strictly at just the pageviews, you can apply some content groupings, segregated based on the author or the subject matter. You can also consider page views by source and title as required.

Referral visits

Attracting traffic through your own marketing channel is one thing, but your success also depends on the number of visits you are earning from other websites. Measuring visits from external websites can be an effective way to understand the reach and value of your site. It also helps in acknowledging the pieces of content that resonate with your audience the best.

The data can be useful to understand which type of content works best for your brand and helps it grow.

However, navigating this data can be a little tricky and hence you can view the information by redirecting to All Referrals under Acquisition.

Social referrals

Similar to referral visits, it is important to know the types of your content that get shared across different channels. If you have integrated your social handles and want to know the number of times your content has been shared on social media, social referral data can give you appropriate answers to your queries.

You can find the data on social reports placed under Acquisition. Drill down each row to gather further insight on social referrals.

Demographic reports

The demographic reports are a great way to support your remarketing and retargeting strategies. You can get in touch with the best PPC company in Kolkata to promote your business based on the demographic details to get maximum reach and increase your page value.

The data present under Demographics and Interests Reports present under the Audience tab can be used to fine-tune other strategies and digital marketing campaigns to ensure the best outcome and to reach a large scale audience and keep them engaged.

Furthermore, to get clear answers to all your questions, here are concrete..

Guidelines that help you with Google Analytics

  • Quality content can get shared and re-shared at various stages with time. In case you wish to understand the reach of your content, it is best to use a longer date range that will give you a more comprehensive picture.
  • When comparing different pieces of content, it is important to utilise comparable time frames for each write-up to get meaningful and useful information.

Summing it up…

There are several ways you can measure the performance of your content marketing through Google Analytics. But to get a more comprehensive and compiled answer, it is important to understand what the question really is and where to find the answer. The horizon of Google Analytics is quite vast and hence requires in-depth knowledge to handle it professionally.

This is why getting in touch with adept professionals can be quite convenient to analyse your performance effectively. You can get in touch with leading digital marketing companies like Webicorp to promote your brand effectively through content marketing and also analyse the performance using Google Analytics to its best.

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