How to Create a Simple UI When you have a Complex Solution?

How to Create a Simple UI When you have a Complex Solution?

How to Create a Simple UI When you have a Complex Solution?

  • 27 March, 2021
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It is indeed quite challenging to design a complex design in a short span of time.  You will be required to first understand the product to have precise knowledge about the category of the same and to identify the target audience and the pain points.

Software and apps tend to often solve complex issues conveniently for businesses. That being said, only being able to resolve user issues is not enough in today’s fast-moving world. Your UI needs to be simple, if otherwise, it might drive away your customers.

Hence, you require a simple UI even if you have a complex solution. You can get in touch with the best web design company in Kolkata to resolve your issue in the most significant manner.


A complex UI is enough reason for users to abandon your website. The quality or amazingness of your product will not matter if the interface or appearance is complex enough to get your users worked-up, you can expect a higher bounce rate and lower sales.

Either you get in touch with the top web design company in Kolkata or shared below are some of the ways in which you can design a simple UI for a complex solution –

Determine your user goals

If you wish to develop a user-friendly product you are first required to create a design that will be aligned with their goals. If you divert from this strategy, your UI may prioritize your goals which might lose potential customers as complexities in your UI may shine through.

This might be well understood through a significant change in the navigation bar of a successful social media platform.

Name? Sssshhhh…..

Previously the header bar included a home icon, a search, plus icon (to add photos), heart and profile icon. Currently, the header bar has changed the middle and second-last icon and replaced it with a video icon to follow trending videos and a shopping icon. This somehow reflects the goal of the platform and the interface also increased complexities for the users. While some may find it okayish, many have opted out of this platform owing to its monetary goals.

It is hence better to understand the goals and requirements of the customers and avoid showcasing the brand’s priorities. You can get in touch with the best website designing company in Kolkata to create the best and the simplest UI when you have a complex solution to make your site or app user-friendly and to also boost your business.

Evaluate competitor

No matter which business domain you belong to, you will always have some or more competitors. Knowing and evaluating your competitors is also important to set parameters for yourself and to analyse if your UI is complex or simple enough to stay ahead in the competition.

While you get in touch with a top web design company in Kolkata, you will be recommended to keep a close eye on the UI design of the competitors and then build a design that will be in tandem.

No, it does not mean steal! 

What is being explained is to get some first-hand experience to understand what is being liked by the customers and how your UI can penetrate the industry.

Taking ideas or inspirations certainly does not mean stealing but understanding what and how you need to attract your customers and how you can create simple UIs that will keep your users with you.

  For starters, you can identify the trends across the UIs and design trends that your prospective customers are already comfortable and confident with and would love to engage in. Following which you can create demos to understand what and how you will move ahead.

Introduce complexity after confirming with user testing

With many companies changing and improving their UIs, there is nothing wrong with doing the same.

Besides, the best web design companies in Kolkata recommend introducing complexity step by step based on user testing and confirmation.


Let us understand through an example.

Currently, the leading food delivering partners have introduced a live tracking system to help customers understand where the delivery man actually is.

But was this the same from the beginning? NO!

Previously one would receive a confirmation text on ordering food and the delivery man would then directly knock on your door.

The introduction of live tracking created fuss initially, however, users have slowly gained stability and are now accustomed to the entire process.

But was this feature a pressing need of the customers? It is argumentative to affirm as of now.

But if this UI would have been introduced gradually, it would have been much easier for the users to get used to it.

Along with slow integration of complexity, be open to feedback. If you find complaints regarding your process, be flexible enough to get back to your initial process that your customers loved.

That’s all for now folks! 

Hope that you have gathered enough knowledge. Nevertheless, you can get in touch with the top web design companies in Kolkata to simplify your UI designs when you have complex solutions.

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