Importance Of Google My Business For Local Business Promotion

Importance Of Google My Business For Local Business Promotion

Importance Of Google My Business For Local Business Promotion

  • 22 July, 2021
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As people start to depend more and more on Google to find answers and solutions to most of their questions, it is emerging as one of the biggest platforms for discovering services and products nearby.

This need for having a successful Google presence gives rise to GMB or Google My Business (formerly known as Google Places for Business). It is the best way local businesses can mark a successful online presence and convert leads into customers conveniently.

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But before we drive straight into knowing the importance of Google My business for local business promotion, let us first understand what Google My Business is.

What is Google My Business?

Google My Business or GMB is a free tool that allows brands to promote their business profile and website on Google maps and Google search. With a Google My Business account one can connect with potential customers, post updates related to the business operations and also evaluate how customers are engaging and interacting with the concerned brand on Google.

Why do you need a Google My Business listing?

As per reports, google accounts for a staggering 46% of searches having local intent. Despite being aware of the fruitfulness of GMB listings, many businesses fail to reap the benefits of this free and easy-to-use tool. There are several perks of making use of GMB for your local business.

In case you wish to create a perfect listing for your business or you are looking for lucrative ways to boost your online presence, this guide might be highly beneficial for you. Read through to learn about the importance of Google My Business for your local business.

  • Number 1: Increases visibility in Google maps and searches

Along with online reviews, maps play an important role. People searching for local businesses consider the proximity of the business to their location. Quick Google search has been proven effective for narrowing down the multiple search options. This makes the whole process easier for the consumers and helps them in reaching out to your business quickly and conveniently. Whether searching for a continental restaurant or for a plumber, Google maps can quickly populate the available services nearby with the help of red markers indicating local businesses that fit your search criteria perfectly.

  • Number 2: Helps in earning customer trust

Customers tend to find it difficult to build trust in a brand and make a purchase confidently. Being the owner it is somewhere your responsibility to earn that trust and increase your sales. Trust can be conveniently gained if your potential customers can practically see that your business has a permanent location.

And the location actually does exist!

Keeping in mind the authenticity, people tend to inherit confidence and trust in places listed in Google. If your business is listed, you can reap the most benefit out of it every time it pops up in local searches. It is expected that brands that have a Google presence are 2.7 times more likely to be preferred by customers than others. This trust is built because of the step-by-step verification process that brand has to go through while listing their presence on Google My Business.

  • Number 3: Higher Google rank

The better your Google My Business profile, the higher will be your Google rank in search and map results. You can boost your Google rank by supplying consistent, quality and accurate information and passing through all the verification processes without any hassle. This information will help Google to share more about you with the consumers which will have the desired impact on your rank.

  • Number 4: Increases traffic

It has been reported that businesses are 70% likely to attract location visits by browsing customers. Also, data reveals that customers discovering a brand on Google My Business listing are 50% more likely to actually make a purchase.

  • Number 5: Increases engagement

Google My Business offers endless opportunities to engage potential customers and earn visitors to your website. These potential visitors can be then converted into consumers by marketing your brand on social media and other such platforms. You can also install a one-click calling feature on your website to help your customers reach out to you in no time.

Summing it all up…

Google My Business is one of the most preferred platforms that are not only free to use but is also highly effective to promote your local business. One of the most sought-after advantages of Google My Business is the star ratings that boosts your brand appeal. Being even a 4-star brand on Google tends to increase your customer rate than being a well-known brand offline.

To boost your brand through Google my business you can get in touch with the leading SEO agency in Kolkata. With the help of professionals, you can build a powerful Google My Business profile and manage your Google My Business account effectively.