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Instagram Allows Professional Accounts to Schedule Posts Up to 75 Days in Advance

Instagram Allows Professional Accounts to Schedule Posts Up to 75 Days in Advance

  • 17 November, 2022
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Instagram is one of the top 5 social media platforms. Used heavily by every social media agency in India as a part of their social media campaign, the platform’s interface is pretty easy to use. Moreover, with 1 billion active users, it would be madness not to have a social media strategy that includes Instagram.

Every social media app tries to keep itself updated and relevant for its users. App owners try to make their platform the best place where people can engage with each other, and brands can communicate with their client base. Hence, any update that they make to their platform is taken quite seriously.

Details About Instagram’s Latest Update

The latest update by Instagram is that the platform allows for the automatic scheduling of posts and reels for up to 75 days for those who have a professional account. Until now the platform did not have this option for scheduling posts.

Previously, if you had wanted to schedule posts on Instagram, it was necessary to go through third-party tools or use desktop solutions like Meta Business Suite.

Things have changed now, however!

Now, you can schedule Instagram content directly from the iOS or the Android App.

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What Can You Schedule on the Professional Account?

On the Instagram professional account, you can schedule the following types of content:

  • Picture
  • Video
  • Reel
  • Carousel

Here’s how you can schedule posts on the professional Instagram account.

  • Step 1: Schedule from the Instagram post composer by tapping “Advanced Settings”.
  • Step 2: Select “Schedule this post”.
  • Step 3: Choose the time and date, and tap “Schedule”.
  • Step 4: Your content is ready to publish.

Webicorp, social media agency in India, is excited to use this feature to manage the social media accounts of their clients.

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Advantages of This Updated Feature

This new feature is obviously very important and useful for those people who have professional accounts and rely on Instagram to engage with their audience.

You could schedule your posts for the upcoming month and then prepare content for the next few months as well.

Moreover, it makes it easier to publish content during peak periods of engagement. Therefore, you can identify when your audience is most active and therefore schedule posts or reels, etc. for them then.

Wrapping Up

The schedule feature of Instagram is making things easier for content developers all around the world. Content developers can prepare their content calendar well in advance and there doesn’t have to be any problem with scheduling.

Webicorp, a social media agency in India, is excited to announce that this feature considerably makes the management of social media posts easier for the client.