Powerful And Simple Ways To Use AI In ECommerce

Powerful And Simple Ways To Use AI In ECommerce

Powerful And Simple Ways To Use AI In ECommerce

  • 9 June, 2021
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By now Artificial Intelligence or AI must be a common concept for you. AI has taken the world by storm and how. Might sound complex, Artificial Intelligence is a cutting-edge technology that enables machines to impersonate human intelligence and pretend to think and act just like humans can.

With its benefits, AI is now being deployed in several industries, regardless of the domain, a colossal amount of data and completing complicated tasks accurately, effortlessly and before the stipulated time. Given that, with time, AI now has developed a stronger foothold in the eCommerce industry.

The industry we are going to discuss in this article…

In order to establish a fantastic eCommerce user experience, leaving your brand cold, bland and without enhanced tech support will lead you nowhere. The best SEO Company in Kolkata believes that AI has now become a must-have for every eCommerce innovation and thus should be adapted for maximum benefits. Whether it is for influencing customer choices or increasing customer engagement and sales, AI is now the key to success. With AI humanising eCommerce innovations and connecting with your target audience is much convenient and effective.

Having said that, here are some powerful and simple ways to integrate with your eCommerce business –

  • Use Chatbots for customer support

Years of studies have proved that use of Chatbots has reduced business operational cost significantly by 30% and accurately answers around 80% of users’ query with the help of the data fed beforehand. The numbers are enough to clear the fact that Chatbots form an integral part of eCommerce business, assisting aggressively in improving customer loyalty and increasing customer engagement and retention.

Chatbots are designed to cater to user’s query. This technology is programmed in a way to be able to offer comprehensive customer support, gather feedback, nurture leads and recommend relevant products to the customers that satisfy their query without needing manual interference. Alternatively, you can also make use of SEO to help you with categorising products to make them relevant to customer requirements and be visible to customers, thus increasing sales.

  • Voice-enabled product search

Voice-enabled product search has filtered quite well into the market, and eCommerce is no different. To transform the face in the near future, several brands are making use of AI-backed voice search technology. Although the idea or the concept is still an infant, some of the renowned and dominant online retail brands are using this technology to its best. The leading brands have collaborated with search engines to launch its voice search feature that can help customers realise their preference and then recommends relevant products to increase sales.

Voice assistants can also be installed on social media platforms like Facebook Messenger to receive voice-based orders from customers and facilitate online ordering and delivery processes for enhanced user experience.

Considering this technology is new, it can take quite some time before developing a stronghold in the market and hence is just the perfect time to make the best use of it. In case you need help, you can obviously rely on the professionals to seek every benefit that this technology has to offer.

  • Inventory planning

Inventory forms an integral part of business operations, regardless of nature, size and domain. AI marks its excellence in business administration and inventory planning as well. Using powerful AI software can help you streamline your business actions and identify the most purchased items and the less popular ones to decide on restocking, updating your product list and making the necessary inventory changes.

Along with understanding your stock inventory, AI-driven software can also help in collecting required data about past purchases to help the sales department update its sales strategy. The use of such a mechanism can also provide you insights about upcoming events or festivals that can drive sales of particular items within a given particular time frame. You can also become adequately updated on the rise and fall in demand of a particular product to support your strategic decision-making policies and draw relevant conclusions about sales. You can also use this software to streamline storage, update logistics and eliminate additional or unwanted expenditures.

  • Image recognition and visual search

A picture is worth a thousand words.

Which time the mentioned idiom has proven to be true and relatable as 62% of millennials resonate with visuals and prefer visual search over text-based searches. As per the gathered reports, visual search can increase eCommerce revenue by 30%.

And considering the current market scenario that’s a lot, my friend!

Visual-aided search not only enhances user experience but also helps customers find the relevant products conveniently and quickly thus opening doors of opportunities for eCommerce innovations.

In addition to the above, the best SEO Company in Kolkata also states that AI proves to be a significant assistance in helping monitor key performance metrics with ease. It helps you find steady success without keeping much at stake. Also gaining website traffic, monitoring transactions, calculating cart abandonment rate, increasing conversion rate and endorsing customer lifetime value becomes quite convenient.

In case you are not sure about introducing AI to your eCommerce platform, there is no hurry and no need of getting worked up. Just give it an elaborate thought and get in touch with a professional when you deem fit.