Relation Between A Web Developer And A SEO Specialist

Relation Between A Web Developer And A SEO Specialist

Relation Between A Web Developer And A SEO Specialist

  • 5 October, 2021
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With a hefty decline in business opportunities due to the pandemic, opening doors to abundance is the key to securing success. And the digital world has been quite effective in providing businesses with grand opportunities to take sales and ROI ahead.

As marking a strong and strategic online presence is necessary, having a website is now one of the most important factors to consider. To ensure quality website development you can get in touch with the best web development company in Kolkata.

In addition, to support your website, SEO is also an essential investment that you should make. This is because SEO increases online visibility and helps your website rank higher on the search engine page.

Having said that, there is a strong relationship between a web developer and an SEO strategist. They work hand in hand to give your brand the online presence you desire.

For example, if you want your website to do well in SERPs, you would have to keep your SEO game strong.

And if you want to support your SEO strategies, your website design should be at par.

To help you understand, described below are ways in which a website and SEO go together –


The one’s having the slightest knowledge in SERP, SEO and website would know how important it is to make your website mobile-friendly.

In fact, Google has already made mobile-friendliness an essential ranking factor back in 2015. Also, the search giant introduced mobile-first indexing in the year 2017, clearly proving the importance of mobile-friendliness in Google’s view.

This is because there has been a severe decline in the number of people searching on desktops or laptops. Most of the audience has shifted the medium of search to mobile devices.

It has been declared that more than half of the website traffic is driven by mobile devices, confirming more than half of your customers are more likely to be on their mobile phones.

This increases the need for mobile-friendly website designs to provide your customers with a semantic user experience and keep them engaged.

Developing an SEO friendly mobile responsive website reduces the chances of increased bounce rate and helps with your Google rankings.

Easy-to-read designs

To support your SEO strategies and to engage your customers through your website, working on your content is something that you really need to focus on.

But, the website design is equally important as content is to your brand. Many fail to realise the impact a website design has on the display of content.

A poorly designed website can make it difficult for the audience to read through the contents and gather the required knowledge for which they came on your website.

One should avoid developing pages with blocks of content spread unpleasantly, with way too many hyperlinks without a defined purpose. Such mistakes can drive your audience away and your sales may drop.

Along with content placement, there are other factors you should focus on such as colour, font size and style, images and more.

Also, be careful when using hyperlinks as it may have a direct impact on your SEO strategies.

Website speed

This navigation speed or the loading speed of your website plays an important role in attracting customers.

With a short patience span, customers are likely to click on that close button if your website takes a prolonged time to load.

A slow website also impacts your SEO strategies and lowers your Google rankings. This is why it is important to ensure that your website is not lagging behind and loads quickly.

As per surveys, users are more likely to abandon websites that take longer than three seconds to load. To avoid driving customers away, it is important that you focus on your load time, navigation and interface.


Sitemaps are crucial elements for your website as it helps the crawling of your site on the search engine pages. Website design and SEO plays an important factor in site crawling.

You can get in touch with a digital marketing consultant in Kolkata to understand the importance of sitemaps for your website.

Your sitemaps offer the search engines a proper and distinct guide of all the pages and content on your website. This explains the search engine about the niche of your brand and which pages are of more importance to your site.

This is highly essential for larger websites as well as the new ones without any external links. Plus, sitemaps also aid user navigation and help new visitors to wander around your website without any complications. Your visitors can refer to the sitemap to seek help on navigation and to know about the pages on your website. Sitemaps with metadata also serve as beneficial for your website ranking.


A user-friendly website and effective SEO strategies also help in building trust and credibility. The more users find your website beneficial, the more likely you are to gain potential customers and increase your sales.

Summing it up…

The partnership between SEO and the website is quite important for your brand. This is why it is essential that your web developer and SEO strategist work hand in hand to provide your brand with a constructive online presence and an increased ROI.

You can get in touch with the leading website development and digital marketing agencies like Webicorp, to strengthen your SEO and website design game.

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