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Search Engines Are in a Tizzy to Incorporate ChatGPT’s Features

Search Engines Are in a Tizzy to Incorporate ChatGPT’s Features

  • 13 February, 2023
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Ever since ChatGPT awakened, the SEO world has been thrown into a tizzy. The tiny little bot is a power-packed behemoth that is responsible for giving answers to virtually every question under the sun.

However, ChatGPT’s expertise in answering user queries has threatened virtually every search engine out there. The big players like Google, Bing, and Baidu have all announced that they are going to incorporate ChatGPT-like features into their search engines. It’s a move they have been forced to make to stay relevant.

Join in as the best SEO agency in India takes a look at the details of the new era in search engines.

Microsoft and OpenAI Partnership

Microsoft’s CEO Satya Nadella said that this new feature is going to revolutionize the way search engines and humans interact. Nadella believes that this new technology is going to revolutionize the way software is created and used.

He also mentioned that the new search engine was not working at 100% efficiency, as around 40% of the users click on links and then leave. This means that search engines need to amp up their game if they are to stay relevant. Subtext: a new era of search has come.

The new Bing has been incorporated with several new answers, using natural language and allowing users to have a conversation with the search engine. You can sign up for the new Bing or use the sample one until the official rollout.

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Google and Bard

Search engine giant, Google, whose very existence was threatened by ChatGPT, has decided to also take the leap into AI. They are looking to make search more intuitive so that people have an easier way of understanding the web and getting to the search results directly.

These AI-powered features will help the user navigate and understand better how to interact with the web. Although Google wasn’t far behind in the case of imbuing Artificial Intelligence into its search engine, post the entry of ChatGPT we’re hearing more about the various AI projects Google has launched like PaLM, Imagen, MusicLM, etc.

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As one of the best SEO agencies in India, we can’t help but understand that there is going to be a shift in search dynamics that needs to be addressed at the earliest. What does this mean for companies who are vying to get their content on top and drive organic traffic? Will that change the way SEO is done?


Certainly, it looks like SEO will change completely. If search engines no longer show URLs in the SERPs but modify the way people search for information, there is going to be a massive shift in the way we do SEO. The best SEO agency in India, Webicorp, will keep you updated about the latest happening with search engines.