SEO – The Best Way to Promote your Business

SEO – The Best Way to Promote your Business

SEO – The Best Way to Promote your Business

  • 13 September, 2019
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What is an SEO?

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process by which traffic to a website is increased. This is done by making sure that the site has greater visibility to search engine users. Searches made by consumers are directed through many ways to a specific website. Image searches, keyword searches, video searches, academic searches, even vertical search engines can be targeted by SEOs to ensure visitors to a website.

In lay terms: when a website has SEO done to boost its visibility, it will have a greater chance of being at the top of search engine lists like Google, YouTube, Bing, Yahoo Search etc. It is simple logic that most users tend to click on the top most links provided on a search engine results. This is how a website that has had SEO done will get more clicks and more eyeballs for itself. Many SEO companies in Kolkata have entered the market to provide these services to small, medium and large businesses in the City of Joy.

2 Types of SEO

To ensure good quality SEO for the website the SEO service provider needs to focus on both the technical and the creative part of the process.

Off page – The technical part of SEO involves building links, submitting open directories to increase link popularity, link exchange, working on search engines to increase ranking etc.

On pageThe creative side of SEO focuses on making the website attractive and user friendly. A clean interface with less clutter, relevant information easily accessible and targeted content that satisfies the user all add in improving the on-page experience.

Top 5 Advantages of having SEO done for your website

There are multiple advantages to getting SEO done for your website. It is definitely one of the most viable business marketing strategies of our times. The budget that a company or business has for advertising is well-spent on having SEO done for the website. More and more users are banking on the internet to provide them answers when they are looking for services or products. Online is the best place to attract potential consumers. Here is a list of advantages of getting SEO done for your website.

  1. More Customers: It has been established that businesses that have Search Engine optimized websites get twice the volume of customers than those which do not. If this were not true corporate houses and large businesses would not spend millions on SEO. The best part about SEO marketing is that even small investments can get you huge returns. Customers who are looking for exactly what you sell will be directed to your website. It is the smartest way of marketing in today’s day and age.
  2. Improved Websites: Another part of SEO is getting the users (who have come to your website via a search engine) to stay. For this the on-page content of your website has to be relevant, the website should be user friendly and be able to answer the query of the consumer. It is here that the playing field is leveled. In the SEO world, even a small or medium organization can get a large volume of business if it has a well-made website. It works in a cycle: a good website leads to satisfied customers. They lead to higher search engine rankings due to the high quality information provided.
  3. Conversion Rates Grow: From having visitors who just come to your site and bounce away, websites with on-page SEO will ensure that customers and even potential customers convert to real business. The easier it is to navigate through the website the more is the guarantee of you getting repeat customers. A certain brand loyalty will follow which is the dream of every business owner.
  4. Brand Awareness: If your website is on the top of the search engine list it results in recall value. Customers will start recognizing the name of your brand. If the products /services provided are of good quality then word of mouth recommendations will get added to the SEO foot fall too. The brand can garner a lot of attention and become big just by dint of the right kind of SEO.
  5. Cut out competitors: The best way to stay ahead in the market today is by having a website with SEO done. Comparing two similar businesses of the same scale, selling the same product/service – one with SEO and one without, it is needless to say that the SEO website will have a higher volume of business. Investing in getting SEO done is a smart way of boosting sales.

Webicorp: for your SEO needs in Kolkata

We are proud to introduce Webicorp – bringing a new wave of SEO to the Kolkata arena. Undeniably there are SEO companies in Kolkata already but we bring a fresh perspective and a great deal of enthusiasm to the projects we handle.

We have a balanced competency in both on page and off page SEO marketing. With our services we assure you of a smart new website that follows all the good practice guidelines that are required to get you the highest page rankings on Google and other search engines.

The content we provide is curated to answer all customer queries and arouse the right levels of interest in your website. We help you convert even the potential clients into assured business thanks to the ease of use and attractive layout of the websites we design.

We work with you, taking cues from your business vision, so that your website reflects exactly the kind of experience you want to provide to the visitor. We have had successful tie-ups with some of the leading brands in Kolkata but we are thirsting for more. Ours is a new team with fresh ideas and innovative concepts.

Webicorp is all set to make a mark as one of the leading SEO companies in Kolkata. We are certain that our attractive packages and offers will leave you more than satisfied.