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Our Dedicated Digital Marketing Professionals

Digital Marketing includes all efforts to advertise, promote and market a brand through online channels. This includes social media, search engine optimization, pay per click adverts and more. How much of what component of the digital marketing bouquet is appropriate for your specific brand is the crucial analysis that our team does admirably. This includes a thorough understanding of the product/service being offered by the brand, the main ethos of the business owner(s) and knowledge of the target customer segment. We keep updating ourselves regularly on these markers as your business grows so that the Digital Marketing efforts do not become outdated.

It is not enough to just have a snazzy website, marketing the brand is crucial to increasing visibility and creating a loyal client base. This is where the digital marketing gurus of Webicorp step in. They oversee the website from its design and development phase so as to ensure that Search Engine Optimization pointers are included from the get go. Once the website is up and running, our digital marketing team tirelessly works on multiple platforms to establish brand familiarity with target clientele.

Ours is a 360 degree approach which includes all forms of digital marketing. From creating regular posts on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to positioning off-page content about the brand on relevant sites we cover all bases. Staying abreast of the newest trends and tropes of the online marketing world is our USP. The team at Webicorp is dedicated towards generating leads and revenue for our clients. All marketing efforts are ultimately geared in that direction.

  • SEO

    Potential clients often decide on choosing a service/product provider based on SEO rankings. Studies show that 95% of web traffic goes to those sites that show up on the first page of a search. Our digital marketing team is adept at pushing websites higher on search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, MSN and others so that your website is amongst the first few to show up on a search. We are proficient at both:
    On page SEO: good SEO practices followed within the website, using right keywords, curated original content, optimized HTML source codes
    Off page SEO: corporate blogging, boosting brand recall through keyword placement, creating buzz on other relevant websites and more

  • PPC

    Pay Per Click method is where ads are posted on a third party website and the advertiser pays each time a user clicks the ad and is redirected to their own website. PPC is a means of ensuring inflow of traffic to a website in order to generate leads. The most successful PPC campaigns have been known to work because of thorough understanding of both the brand being advertised and the target audience at whom the ad is being aimed. At Webicorp we combine both these methods and create attractive engaging adverts that get you a good return on your investment.

  • SMM

    Promoting a service or a product using social media platforms is a useful and well-executed section amongst our Digital Marketing offerings. We create from scratch and maintain your brand presence on platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Google Plus and more. As the owner or decision maker of an enterprise you need not worry about maintaining an in-house team for these crucial marketing functions anymore. Putting out the right content out there to generate buzz about your product or service is our domain. We make it a point to liaise regularly with a point of contact within your enterprise who keeps us updated on the newest additions, alterations, offers and promotions available for customers from your end. This is then presented in an engaging format to potential clients for lead generation.

  • ASO

    Webicorp is adept at creating apps that are optimized for Google Play Store, App Store for iOS and Windows Store. Just like social media optimization, App Store Optimization ensures that the app devised for your brand not only meets the criteria for being featured on all the app stores but ranks highly too. Be it an e-commerce app or a service app we create simple effective mobile-friendly easily-downloadable applications that are an instant hit with the target audience.

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