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Our Dedicated Web Design Professionals

At Webicorp, creative and responsive websites that look good on any device are the USP of our award-winning team of web designers. Your website is the first impression a potential client makes of your brand. Our team takes the time to get to understand the ethos of the brand for which we are designing the website. Each of our websites is designed with the target population segment in mind. In depth research goes into what attracts them and creates recall value. The aim is to get users to not just to visit the website but for it to make enough impact on them to convert to real sales figures.

The four pronged approach we follow includes:

  • Ease of use

    It is of utmost importance that your website is easily navigable. All the relevant information that you want to convey to potential customers has to be displayed within easy reach. This is one crucial factor that we keep in mind when designing any website. We use a process of peer review where one web designer reviews a website prepared by another to offer insights and comments to improve the ease of use.

  • High functionality

    More than half of all users with a smart phone access the World Wide Web using their mobile devices. We endeavor to make a website that is responsive to different screen sizes and device interfaces without compromising on the information and functionality.

  • Security

    Protecting your website from hackers, malware and bot-attacks is part of the services that we offer. We offer maintenance contracts for new websites created by us and existing websites too. Enabling a website with security features like Verisign protection is also part of our repertoire.

  • Visual appeal

    Aesthetics are important to attract visitors to the website. We provide complete flexibility to our clients when it comes to selecting images, logo designs, color schemes, layouts, graphics and videos for the website. They can choose to be either involved at every stage or request us for a viewing just before the web development begins.

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