Get your Salon Digital Marketing Ideas Simple, with just few do’s and don’ts

Things to do and not to do while using Digital Marketing for Salons in Kolkata

Things to do and not to do while using Digital Marketing for Salons in Kolkata

  • 22 August, 2019
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We are in the age where the moment we begin our day, we start traveling into the world of digitization. From the necessities such as food to beauty everything has transformed in to digital. In this situation, digital marketing services in Kolkata, are fast driving in the market.

Salon Industries in Kolkata:

Salons are now everywhere. So, if you are planning to get started with the commercial beauty business. It’s essential to understand the way you can attract clients. Every woman living in the city, also men are now beauty conscious to groom their look. The beauty industry today is highly competitive. Businesses are fighting with each other, just to outgrow their business.

To leverage this intensifying competition, the beauty salon marketer’s needs must shift their habits from old school traditional marketing to digital marketing. Being salon owners you must be surprised to hear this! But the latter saves your marketing cost while letting you achieve better results.

Before hiring a professional digital marketing company, it might seem easy to handle, but it may be tricky. Generic tips may not as well work for every salon or may not have an equal effect when it comes to the beauty hair salon.

Salon owners must understand where they need to focus their efforts and find out what things are unfavourable to marketing. Because the main goal should be to create a strong digital presence, drive leads, and increase conversions.

Now let’s take a look at the Do’s and don’ts to ensure that your beauty salon marketing strategy is proceeding perfectly.

Do create conversation forms and contact numbers on every landing page

Apart from creating content and CTA’s you need to pay close attention to your rate of conversation forms and in updating your contact number on your service pages. Visitors should be able to find your contact number effortlessly.

While doing so, ensure that your conversation forms are not clustered with too many fields. As that could discourage your significant customers. And since over 50% of the global searches are performed through mobile devices. It makes sense to click on your contact details, thus users can directly reach you on phone.

Things to do before and after posting pictures

Posting happy pictures of your delighted customers can do wonders to brand popularity. Just keep in mind, if you choose to post pictures, it should be of your clients.

Here’s why you should do this:

  • There will be no risks of being sued by other salon owners from whom you may have stolen the pictures intentionally or unintentionally.
  • You don’t have to go on barging around for excuses to prove why your services do not have a similar effect as displayed in pictures.

To be precise, you must post genuine pictures of your satisfied customers, followed by the types of services offered by your salon. In this, way your significant customers understand what to expect after visiting your salon.

In this section of your website, you can consider taking advice from a reliable digital marketing company in Kolkata. A professional agency will help you research online reviews. This is an effective way to persuade your customers.

Do reflect your competencies

Your salon website is where you can display the advantages of your business and the exclusiveness of your service. You can even add a page to showcase your staff’s expertise.

Because acquiring the trust of your customers is a niche thing in the salon business. So when you are planning to use digital marketing for your business. Portraying your staff’s competencies can develop a level of confidence in your employees.

Now let’s come down to the Don’ts of your business marketing.

Don’t forget to do analysis

Analytics is a prime foundation for every successful digital marketing promotion. So, neglecting to conduct analysis will show that your strategy did have much research for it. Because each decision you make is backed up by data without which it won’t possibly lead to proper results.

The first thing that you need to do is researching your core competitors. You must know that niche salon market leaders, their accomplishments, competitive benefits, USP, and pitfalls for staying one step ahead. Because your competitors are running ahead of you, so why should stay behind?

Don’t overlook to make use of local targeting

Grip the power of nifty local SEO techniques for your business, if you have not considered it yet. Promote your salon services to local searches. Other than wasting your resources on an international market. Focusing on the global market may lead to loss of customers and a waste of your marketing budget.

In a forte market as specific as salon services and treatments, not having local SEO tactics is unfair. More than three people from your location looking for a beauty stylist are more likely to visit your services than searchers residing miles away.

Don’t rely on only PPC strategy

If you are using a PPC marketing strategy for availing your marketing budget, that’s okay! But PPC alone is never enough to drive the visibility of your salon. This must be completed with different usability tactics.

While PPC will bring a user to your website. The usability technique will tend to increase your conversions and support a user to achieve a specific goal. By doing so, your website is sure to be seen at the top of the SERP’s. You must know that PPC alone can do magic in enriching user experience.

Finishing Lines:

As we have already mentioned in the beginning that there is a spectrum of competition in the beauty market. So, it is incredibly important to make your customers believe and trust in your service.

Before doing so, you must not forget to conduct a thorough examination of digital market companies. Find their strategies that is helpful for your salon.

Do not hesitate to contact with digital marketing agencies. If you need to improve your digital marketing tactics, or simply don’t know where to begin from.