Tips To Improve Your Google My Business Performance in 2021

Tips To Improve Your Google My Business Performance in 2021

Tips To Improve Your Google My Business Performance in 2021

  • 10 July, 2021
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Achieving online visibility has never been so important. Visibility on Google as a local business has become a necessity for sustained growth. As per an authentic survey report, around 46% of Google searches are related to local businesses and local information. This number suggests that if it is not your business that is making a mark online, it is one of your competitors. This is when the demand for SEO spikes up. To be in competition, you can get in touch with the best SEO company in Kolkata to put in place solid Google My Business strategies to boost your business.

Before we start off…

What is Google My Business?

Earlier termed as Google Local and Google Places, Google My Business is a platform that offers businesses the opportunity to increase their online visibility, appear on local listings and manage their displayed information.

The information shared on GMB appears in several ways on the search engines, maps, local packs, knowledge panels and much more.

The benefits of Google My Business are endless, and all that is offered for free!

What a great reason to list your business on GMB, isn’t it?

Therefore, we have listed down some effective tips to improve your Google My Business performance in 2021

  • Create a GMB account

Before we start, it is important for you to understand that there is a vast difference between Google My Business account and Google My Business profile. A GMB account is used to gain access to the latter and allows you to optimize your profile to maximize your reach. This explains the importance of having a GMB account. You can head on to Google’s business site to create your account with your regular Google id. Also, make sure that you share all the required details to make your profile valuable and informative.

Complete each field, such as website, name, address, contact details, operative hours along with business-oriented sections like products and services, category and attributes, owner generated questions and answers, and such other necessary information.

Be highly careful when you are sharing this information as any mistake from your end can affect your brand aggressively.

  • Share your contact information meticulously

A lot can go wrong if you do not share the correct contact information. To make the most out of your GMB it is important that you share your contact information carefully. Also –

  • Make sure your store signage and business name is identical
  • Indicate your regular and holiday hours are mentioned clearly
  • Ensure that your business name and address remains the samethroughout the web

This will help you gain credibility and customer trust while reducing the potential of negative comments. While sharing your address be specific with the street number, landmark and area to make sure that customers do not end up going in the wrong direction.

  • Frame crisp “from the business” description

Your business description is the first thing that the customers notice about you. While you fill-up the “from the business” section be specific and to the point. Storytelling is not an option until it describes your brand. Considering the brief description just below your business name is not under your control and is an editorial summary that Google provides to maintain consistency across the platform, the “from the business” section plays a very important role. To optimize your “from the business” field –

  • Keep your description within 750 characters, with key information within the first 250
  • Adapt content from your ‘About Us’ or Mission statement
  • Avoid links or HTML
  • Make sure of high ranking keywords

Also, talk about what sets you apart and not what is common. Avoid using information already shared elsewhere on the web.

  • Be specific about your category

To optimize your Google My Business profile, choosing a category is a must. This is because –

  • It helps in getting visible in discovery searches
  • It highlights category-specific features

To optimize your Google My Business profile with categories –

  • Select secondary categories
  • Be specific
  • Be cautious with your words

In addition, do not overdo it with your category selection. Make sure you select categories that match your offerings. Do not select categories just to be visible as it may drive away customers. Also, Google might require verification of the category, for which you might have to edit or add multiple to your category list as required.

  • Add photos

Adding photos to your Google My Business profile ensures credibility, quality, increases engagement, keeps your online presence active. It has been observed that around 35% more customers tend to click on websites after reviewing the images shared on GMB.

Summing it all up…

Optimizing Google My Business profile is one of the best things that you can do for your business. You can get in touch with the best social media marketing agency in Kolkata to strategize and optimise your online visibility with GMB. There are other practices that can help in boosting your GMB performance in 2021.

To know more and to take your brand ahead, get in touch with Webicorp today!