Top 7 Social Media Marketing Agencies in Kolkata in 2022

Top 7 Social Media Marketing Agencies in Kolkata in 2022

Top 7 Social Media Marketing Agencies in Kolkata in 2022

  • 22 February, 2022
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Introducing yourself to the vast world of social media is one of the most effective ways to skyrocket your business. But, as the landscape is quite elaborate, adjusting to the challenges can result in being daunting for the entrepreneurs, considering they have to focus on other aspects of their business as well. With so many questions unanswered, hiring a social media marketing agency in Kolkata can be one of the most lucrative ways to deal with the difficulties one can face.

The most common questions one may ask include –

  • What is the Facebook algorithm?
  • What is the Twitter character limit?
  • Can more than one picture be submitted on Instagram?
  • How does Snapchat help grow business?

That being said, these are some surface questions that can easily be answered. Source? Google. But, the roots of social media dig deep. And as the Internet world is evolving each day, the need for continuation up-gradation and staying in trend increases. This makes it difficult for business owners to handle social promotions all by themselves. An alternative to hiring a social media marketing company is by setting up an in-house team. But, the expenses can increase drastically, which may be difficult to bear as a start-up being burdened with numerous financial obligations.

Therefore, here are some pressing reasons to hire a social media advertising agency in Kolkata in 2022 –


Agencies know best how to minimise your investment and maximise your returns. With increased competition, it becomes difficult for businesses to take care of their online promotions and also aid other necessities. Traditional marketing, once, was the only way to promote one’s business, but it always has been an expensive affair. As a start-up, increasing your budget to cater to the demands of the advertising market is a foolish thing to do and can also increase your burden.

Hiring an agency can help you gain a competitive edge and overcome the hysterical competition. These agencies know best how to increase social media visibility, raise awareness and gain the most out of your online campaigns. Besides, they can also make the best use of social media advertisements, which can easily increase your ROI.

In addition, they can also help you with the best designs, content and videos for social media posts.

And everything at a budget-friendly rate!

Yes, social media marketing agencies can easily provide you with the most sought-after services at an affordable rate, so that your promotions do not become a burden for you.

Expert guidance

When it comes to social media marketing, there are certain rules that you have to follow. Being in tandem with the algorithms helps you increase your social visibility. Additionally, working with an agency will also help you learn the structure of correct postings, the post times, and how to deal with current news and events.

The social media experts can help you plan out effective campaigns that can increase your clientele and increase your conversion rate. One of the main benefits of working with professionals is that they can structure an effective social media monthly creative calendar that can be followed to avoid unnecessary errors. Also, they can help you with content ideas to stay in trend and attract customers conveniently. Agencies make use of tried-and-tested and out-of-the-box formulas that can generate success.

Adds Values

Strategic social media marketing adds value and credibility to your brand, thus helping you transfer yourself from a business to a brand. Additionally, it is important to be on time with the social media postings, if not, your competitors can take away your potential customers. Being on time with the social media posts also assists you in proving yourself as authentic, sincere and genuine.

Online reputation management

Your online reputation can make or break your business. As the competition gets fierce each day, it is important to maintain a healthy online reputation to keep your customers with you. In a world that is fast and evolving, even the slightest mistake can bring you down the list of the best.

Therefore, to attract more clients and to reserve the existing ones, you can trust the best PPC company in Kolkata to handle your online reputation and reach out to your customers.

Endless options

As the industry grows, you can find a number of social media agencies in Kolkata to begin working with. Depending on their expertise, experience and specialisations, you can choose from the top 7 social media marketing agencies, namely –

  1. Webicorp
  3. MyDigital Crown
  4. Esta Global
  5. SocioBliss
  6. Kreative Machinez
  7. Webaholic

Summing it up

As the need for social media advertisement increases, businesses are gradually starting to invest in social media marketing companies to take their brand ahead and establish a successful and competitive online presence. You can get in touch with the leading digital marketing and website design and development companies offering social media marketing services to boost businesses in 2022.