What Is the Hub and Spoke Content Creation Model?

What Is the Hub and Spoke Content Creation Model?

What Is the Hub and Spoke Content Creation Model?

  • 12 May, 2023
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Most content marketing strategies are poorly thought out and executed. Typically, the content strategy in some of the best SEO agencies fall on the shoulders of the content writers, who are tasked with creating content on a monthly basis.

One of the content models that creators and strategists follow is known as the hub and spoke content creation model. In today’s blog, we will talk about this model and why it is so crucial to the success of content marketing strategies.

What Is the Hub and Spoke Model of Content Creation?

In the hub and spoke model, one short-tail keyword is chosen and a central content is written on it. This central content is authoritative and focuses on a highly competitive keyword. Following which there are numerous “spoke” articles and blogs written on related long-tail keywords. The central hub content has links to these spoke content. Spoke content are also sub-topics of the hub content, they are just packaged differently.

The hub article links to every spoke article and the spoke article links back to the hub. This interlinking boosts the hub content considerably.

When Does the Hub and Spoke Model Work?

The best SEO agencies know that the hub and spoke model works when the topic is very interesting and a person wants to learn more about it. If a person wants to get in-depth knowledge about a particular topic, this model is pretty useful as it helps the person understand and learn more about the topic.

Also, this strategy works when the topic is pretty vast and all aspects of the topic cannot be covered in the same blog. The hub and spoke model breaks down the topic into shorter and more concise consumable blogs and links back to a central, main blog. This strategy helps to drive traffic to plenty of blogs that are interlinked in the same model and increase the authority of the main hub blog.

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How To Go About Hub and Spoke Content Strategy?

The foundational pillar of the hub and spoke content strategy is strong keyword research. Keyword research helps you to decide which will be the keyword for the hub write-up and which will be the keywords, secondary keywords and LSIs for the other content.

After you have taken care of the keyword research, you will need to do sufficient topic research and decide on which will be your central topic and which will be the spoke topics. Once these have been decided, you can begin writing your content!

Wrapping Up

The best SEO agencies make use of this type of content strategy when the product or service needs to be explained to the end user properly. If the product or service is a novel one, then it makes sense to indulge in this strategy and explain to the reader more about your service in depth. Also, you can gain plenty of authority on the central blog with this model.