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What SEO Aspects to Optimise for 2022?

What SEO Aspects to Optimise for 2022?

  • 22 March, 2022
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Each year Google updates its algorithms to provide users with the best possible user experience. From Rank Brain to Passage Ranking, there are plenty of updates that Google has made in recent years that improved the overall quality of results pages.

Hence, this digital marketing consultant in Kolkata wishes to impart to its readers, what are the SEO aspects to optimise for 2022. Learn what your SEO strategy should be in this new year.

5 SEO Aspects to Optimise for 2022

Check out the 5 SEO performance metrics to optimise for 2022.

Optimise for Core Web Vitals

Google’s core web vitals are as follows:

  • Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS): This vital statistic refers to how many layouts shifts occur during the page lifespan.
  • First Input Delay (FID): This vital stat refers to the time taken to respond to a person’s first interaction with a page.
  • Largest Contentful Paint (LCP): This stat refers to the time taken for the largest content asset on a page to load.

For 2022 you will need to optimise these 3 factors. You can use Google Search Engine for the same.

Optimise for “People Also Ask” Section

Google’s “People Also Ask” section shows up for 48.6% of search queries. Hence, in 2022 this SEO agency in Kolkata recommends having a strong focus on getting your content to rank on the “People Also Ask” section.

How can you do that? You can first look for long-tail questions keywords. Then incorporate these questions as H1s, H2s, H3s or Frequently Asked Questions section. Even if your content ranks at a lower spot, it can rank higher in the People Also Ask section.

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Optimise for Keyword Clustering

No longer are web pages, landing or otherwise, created for only one keyword. Nowadays, a series of related keywords are used to help the Natural Language Processing algorithm understand what the page is about. Hence, create web pages that target a cluster of keywords rather than a single one only.

Optimise for Long-form Content

Google is actually rewarding Expertise-Authoritative-Trustworthy content, not just long-form content. However, the implication is that long-term content will contain all the elements of E-A-T, original research, analysis and expert authorship.

As the NLP algorithm improves, Google will get better at recognising high-quality content, and therefore rank the content at a higher position. Check out these details from the serpIQ survey conducted in 2012 relating the average content length to the SERP position.

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Structured data and rich snippets

Nowadays, Google is using schema mark-up that allows the search engine to identify and use engaging content from the pages for the rich snippets section. Structured data results in a higher CTR of 58%. Rich results give the exact information you are looking for, and hence 2022 is the year for this aspect of SEO to come to the forefront.


We hope you enjoyed learning about the different strategies you can implement for 2022 to keep your website up to date.

Thus, on that note, this digital marketing consultant in Kolkata hopes you are ready to tackle your digital marketing strategy for 2022.