Why does your Website Design Need to Look Good?

Why does your Website Design Need to Look Good?

Why does your Website Design Need to Look Good?

  • 23 July, 2019
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So you run a business and not really in need of any website design company in Kolkata or nearby?

Because you think your website design looks good, but for certain reasons, you are not able to get people to stay on your website, as a result, you are not making any sales or growth.

Is that so? Have you thought about why?

Or may’ be you have already built a website on your own and you are aware that the design isn’t that great, but the services and products you offer are amazing, also you care about your customers, still, your sales are low.

This is happening because your website design is important when it comes to attracting your customers. Your website needs to make your customers feel warm, where your target customers can be put inside a mind frame where they are willing to purchase.

One of the most essential thing for a business, be it small or big, is good website design. Good website design is one of the features that can take you above the competition in the market. In context to this, a professionally designed website can influence the number of site visitors in your website.

Now let’s come to the reasons why website design is important:

Customer’s perception of website design

Do you know that according to customers, website design is something similar to packaging products? In both cases, customers pay for the services, but they are highly influenced by the outlook i.e. packaging.

Long before, a company owner deduced a theory based on consumer perception of purchasing products and packaging. He asserted that consumers do not usually make any distinction between a product and packaging.  Rather than inside the mind of a customer, the product comes in combination with the product and packaging.

Thus, according to the theory, the packaging matters a lot as it offers a first impression of the brand. Similar, to this a good website design is also important to influence impressions of the customers.

Application for website design

The website design provides the first impression to the consumers about the company. So, if the design is out of date, disorganized, messy, or uses unattractive colors, it may create a bad impression.

When you are planning to build a website or you are considering redesigning your existing one, it’s necessary for you to consult a website design company in Kolkata. As it’s important for your website to be the most attractive and beautiful one online. It requires to convey a hint of quality and professionalism with a clean layout and easily readable text fonts.

These show that it’s worthwhile to hire and invest in good website design because in the end customer’s perception matters the most.

Good website design makes it understandable

Have you checked whether your website serves a purpose or not? Does that purpose make clear to the customers when they open your website home page? Or they are confused about what your website intended to serve!

You need to understand when you build your website, marketing message should be front and clear for making your customers understand what they will get from the product and service. Again, sensible website navigation is also important for making it easily reachable to your customers. This is, in fact, one of the simplest ways to ensure that your readers get around your website easily.

All of this you cannot do alone, you need to take some professional help which only a top website design agency can do.

The simple design is eternal to shine your business

One of the most evident problems with websites nowadays is that they go obsolete and outdated quickly.

It seems once you are about to finish with one of the updates, it’s time for another one. This doesn’t always have to be like this all, because busy design loses their eccentricity and turn out of date quickly.

To do that you must focus on basic typography and the simplest layout for your business, to give it an accent that is ageless quality for your valued customers. Moreover, by using a simple design for your business website, you can easily survive the evolving tides of the website whims.

Thus, by choosing a simple color layout with a basic as well as bold font, you can easily appeal to your customers for a longer period while growing your sales.

It’s also important for you to understand why you need a website design for your small business or startup.

Here’s why you need it:

By now you already know that consumer behaviour is changing every day to adapt to modern technology and consumer behaviour has also changed to adapt to the online age. At this point of age, if you want to unlock the door of everlasting success for your company, you need to start with a lead driven website, for which you can contact us.

Let me give you some unbeatable and valid reasons why you need a website, despite what your industry is:

  • You can earn two times more sales revenue per employee
  • The consistent growth of revenue over the years that could be nearly four times higher than you usually make
  • Three-time more traffics to your website which is likely to increase with the preceding year

All these factors apply to all industries including retail and digital. Digital growth starts with having a good website. If that’s not enough to convince you, you can check other blogs in our website design company as well.

Final thoughts

Your website is the number one asset of marketing which can help you boost your sales as well as retaining visitors to your site. Indian’s nowadays spend more than half of their time online and uses their mobile devices for up to 5 hours each day. Today all the customers expect business to have an online site rather an impressive one which can make their daily hustle of searching the store easy.

Thus, a website that doesn’t have a clear branding purpose and proper outlook will give your audience a confusing impression that your products and services are of poor quality.

If you have recently launched your website or redesigned your old one, let me know why do you love your current website design.