Best Social Advertising Platforms for Digital Marketers in 2021

Best Social Advertising Platforms for Digital Marketers in 2021

Best Social Advertising Platforms for Digital Marketers in 2021

  • 6 March, 2021
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When it comes to social media, we normally want to use it all. However, what we don’t understand is that social media also has its own time and day considered the best for reach and performance. Also, some platforms are best suited for marketing and marketers while others may be the best for connecting with people.

Thus, depending on your business and your target audience, choosing the best platform is of prime importance. To assist you with using the most suited social media platform you can consider any of the best digital marketing companies in Kolkata.

If you wish to know more, here are some of the best social advertising platforms for digital marketers in 2021 that will help you maximize your reach and accomplish your promotional goals.


Used for – engaging audience, promoting, collecting customer reviews, communicating, and staying in touch with the audience

 Facebook is one of the most sought-after social media platforms today. It is often the first platform that comes to mind when social media is talked about.

And obviously for all the good reasons! 

Facebook is one of the biggest social media platforms in the world offering several advertising options to businesses. To keep up with the increasing competition, having a well-maintained Facebook page for your company or brand is a must.


Used for – Video promotions, tutorials, highlighting company culture, demonstrations and more.

YouTube is declared as one of the largest sources of user-generated content on online platforms. Your brand can make use of this platform to share your content with your users and stay connected.

You can also embed your YouTube videos on your site and engage your clients with effective visual content.


Used for – Building your brand image and engaging audience

You can get in touch with the best digital marketing agency in Kolkata to boost your brand on Instagram. Instagram is the best platform for sharing photos and is considered one of the best for visual content. It can be used to effectively boost your brand image and build brand identity. Instagram supports the use of a hashtag to share content and extend your reach by sharing behind-the-scenes photos, videos, and more.


Used for – Reaching B2B prospective clients and customers

It is a professional social network that is useful to reach prospective B2B clients and employees. You can contact a digital marketing consultant in Kolkata to boost your business effectively through LinkedIn.

Besides, you can also attract prospective employees by showing them how it is like to work with your team.


Used for – Promoting events, sharing real-time updates

Snapchat enables users to share videos and photos that will be visible for 24 hours and disappear post the time. This platform is best for promoting timely events such as a conference or product launch.

Snapchat mostly attracts the young crowd and it can be of much help if your target audience is a college or school student.


Used for – Sharing real-life updates, building industry authority

Twitter is one of the reliable platforms where users seek news and information. It is a fast-paced platform and can be highly beneficial for your business if you can publish unique content at regular intervals.

You can get in touch with the best digital marketing agency in Kolkata and plan an effective strategy to share information or unique content on Twitter to direct customers to your business.


Used for – Direct communication, sharing information on a product or service

WhatsApp is one of the most sought-after messaging apps used by millions. Today, WhatsApp is owned by Facebook and can be used to stay in touch with your customers.

The launch of the WhatsApp Business App helps you respond to direct messages by your customers and also automates some messaging to help you stay organized.


Used for – Establishing authority, answering questions as per your customers’ query

It is one of the well-known platforms to answer probable questions based on your customers’ query. You can make use of such questions and through your answers can inform your customers about what services or products you cover.

Get in touch with a leading digital marketing consultant in Kolkata to strategies your Quora activities and extend your reach.

In addition to the above, there are other platforms such as Reddit, Pinterest, Tumblr, Messenger, Nextdoor, and more that can assist you in achieving your advertising goals. To ensure efficiency and perfection you can consider consulting with the best digital marketing company in Kolkata.

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