10 Essential Web Design Tips to Improve Your Bounce Rate

10 Essential Web Design Tips to Improve Your Bounce Rate

10 Essential Web Design Tips to Improve Your Bounce Rate

  • 17 April, 2021
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Getting enough website traffic but struggling to convert them into customers?

If yes, the problem may be lying in the bounce rate of your site.

What is the bounce rate you ask? 

Bounce rate refers to the rate at which your visitors land on your page and then “bounces off” or leaves your site, quickly and before converting.

Why is bounce rate important?

Your website plays a pivotal role in marketing, be it just social media or complete digital marketing. As the website is the face of your brand and an important marketing tool, and increased bounce rate can make all your efforts obsolete.

There are several website issues that can affect your bounce rate, one being web designs. Faulty web designs that can lead to a high bounce rate may include outdated aesthetics, slow load time, confusing website layout, and others. You can get in touch with a web designing company in Kolkata to detect where the fault lies, address it in the most possible way and improve your bounce rate.

Given below are some essential web design tips that can help you reduce your bounce rate and convert our visitors into customers.

If you like the tips you can get in touch with Webicorp – one of the best web design company in Kolkata to implement the same.

  • Declutter Your Site

Decluttering your website can do wonders for you. It is one of the most effective tips to improve your bounce rate massively.

We all have clicked off of a site out of irritation because of the delay in loading time. Ideally, a website should within three seconds, if otherwise, you can lose valuable customers. Decluttering your website will help you speed up the site’s loading time. You can achieve the same by –

    • Getting rid of plugins that are no more in use or is not needed
    • Truncate unnecessary image files
    • Considers a web host that works the best for you
    • Minify your website’s code

Studies have revealed that a one-second delay in the page load time can lead to a 16% decrease in customer satisfaction, 11% lesser page views and 7% less conversion. Similarly, 64% of online shoppers prefer to switch to other sites if an online store does not load quickly.

  • Add a Blog Section

There are several reasons why your business needs a blog. In case you are still reading, Webicorp elaborates why your business is in need of a blog and explains how it can help your business strive for success through their previous blog.

However, make your blog relevant to your business and to your customers to get the best response.

  • Install Social Share Buttons

Are you already using blogs as one of your promotional strategies? Do your blogs have social sharing options? If not, it is time that you get in touch with the best web design agency in Kolkata, like Webicorp to make use of social sharing buttons. This helps in increasing brand awareness, extending your reach and engaging your viewers.

  • Keep Your Layout Responsive

A responsive layout is what your brand yearns for. As mobile devices are becoming more and more prevalent, half of the website traffic is being driven through mobile devices. The number is expected to increase and hence to be in competition, a responsive layout holds high importance. If otherwise, your mobile viewers will have a hard time dwelling over your site as they might see it cut-off, jumbled or extremely unappealing. This can increase your bounce rate and affect your conversion ratio.

  • Be Consistent with the Font

As per the best web design company in Kolkata, staying consistent with the font helps in engaging the customers. Too many alterations and variety can make it difficult for the viewer to read through your site. Experts say that it is best to stick to serif fonts and sans serif. Serif fonts suit the best in the case of headlines and branding, while sans serif is best for body text.

  • Use Colours Images Carefully

Colours can be impressive and depressive as well. Playing around with colours is fine, but make sure the colours you are using make sense. Also, avoid colours that are too bright, as they can be disturbing to the eyes. Contrasting colours can also strain a user’s eyes and hence, it is suggested that you use colours that are aesthetic to the eyes.

  • Make Use of The White Space

Blank areas or white space on your website is known to be a negative space that can drive away your viewers. Hence, make use of the space well. You can get in touch with the best web design agency in Kolkata to strategize the best use of the space.

  • FAQ’s are Essential

FAQs work as a guide for your visitors. FAQs help in addressing the primary and the most possible queries of the viewers. Besides, studies have shown that customers with a question in their mind first direct to the FAQ area of the website and if they fail to get answers to their queries that may leave the site out of frustration.

Therefore, FAQs are a must!

  • Contact Page is a Must

Make sure you have a contact page including all the possible information that will help the audience get in touch with you conveniently. Remember, if they do not find suitable contact information they may soon leave your page and land on the competitor’s site.

So be aware!

  • Install a Simple Navigation

The leading web designing company in Kolkata claims that websites with simple navigation gain more customers than ones with difficult navigation.

Summing it up…

Fix your web design to improve your bounce rate. You can get in touch with the best web design agency in Kolkata that can help you boost your brand and website and reduce its bounce rate.